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5 Women-Owned Businesses on Whyte Ave - Southpark Blog

5 Women-Owned Businesses on Whyte Ave

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Happy International Women’s Day! We encourage everyone not only today – but every day – to celebrate women and their incredible achievements. One way to do this is by supporting women-owned businesses right here in Edmonton, and luckily for us, there are a few awesome ones located just minutes away from us at Southpark on Whyte.


This delicious vegetarian and vegan waterhole is owned by Jillian Khuong. 

Click HERE for directions to Cafe Mosaics from Southpark on Whyte. 



Bamboo Ballroom is a fashion-forward local Albertan shopping destination for women’s and baby clothes, as well as home decor. It is co-owned by Kyla Kazeil! 

Click HERE for directions to Bamboo Ballroom from Southpark on Whyte.



They serve freshly-made veggie and fruit-based juices, green juice cleanses, smoothies and more. It is founded/owned by Marnie Ashcroft, where she has managed to open locations across Canada (with one being on Whyte Ave).

Click HERE for directions to Glow Juicery from Southpark on Whyte.  



When Pigs Fly is owned by Barb Moroz, and is a whimsical shop that supports local Canadian artisans – bringing a uniqueness of product for great gift giving ideas! They carry everything from jewellery, personal care products, artwork, and so much more!

Click HERE for directions to When Pigs Fly from Southpark on Whyte. 



An independently-owned boutique offering carefully chosen, beautiful, unique and handcrafted shoes, clothes and accessories, owned by Louise Dirks – who started one of the coolest shoe boutiques in Canada over 25 years ago with Gravity Pope.

Click HERE for directions to Gravity Pope from Southpark on Whyte. 

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