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Recognized already as a building with incredible amenities and a location that puts residents in the heart of Old Strathcona, Southpark can now boast LEED Gold designation.

ONE Properties and Wheaton Properties are excited to share that Southpark on Whyte is the first certified LEED v4 Multifamily Project in Edmonton. This achievement acknowledges the considerate design, construction and operations best practices implemented at the property. Certification to the Gold level demonstrates the valuable energy, water and carbon-reduction initiatives in place, while supporting resident health, well-being and comfort.

To celebrate the LEED Gold designation, Southpark is hosting a Community Clean-up. Please join us for this free, fun and socially distanced event taking place on Friday, November 19 at Southpark on Whyte and SouthBARK (pop-up community park at Southpark on Whyte) from 4pm to 6pm. 

Public participants partaking in the litter clean-up will receive a 10% offer in-store at Re:Plenish Retail & Refillery. Residents of Southpark will receive a glass jar from Re:Plenish and a complimentary product fill at the event. Following the Community Clean-up, Re:Plenish will provide a special presentation for Southpark Residents about the ease and importance of living a zero-waste lifestyle, including tools for easy adoption.


In recognition of green initiatives and community leadership, we’ve reached out to founder and owner of Re:Plenish Retail and Refillery, Karine St. Onge. Karine answered questions about her motivation to open Re:Plenish and where she likes to spend time on Whyte! 


What led you and your partner, Meghann, to start Re:Plenish?

We were increasingly becoming aware of how much garbage we were producing and we knew there had to be an easier way to reuse what we had and make sustainable swaps. There were already a few refilleries in Edmonton but we thought there was room for a store that did the research for you and where you could feel confident that you wouldn’t be making any additional garbage by shopping there. We also wanted to focus on local makers and support a local economy in that way.


What are your top 3 favourite products in your shop? What are Meghann's?

My top three products are: the Jack59 shampoo and conditioner bars – they are so convenient to use and have zero packaging, and they work so well! The dusting brush – I use it for everything from my counters to my furniture, and it’s completely compostable. The safety razor – I was hesitant to start but it’s the closest and softest shave I’ve ever had, and much more affordable than disposable razors. 

Meghann’s top 3 are: 

  • Lemon and eucalyptus all purpose cleaner. I love that it’s refillable and it really is all-purpose. Great for countertops/bathrooms/glass and mirrors, and it smells great
  • Rewind Reusables towels. These are little reusable cotton towels about the size of paper towels. I’ve got a new baby at home and these have been indispensable as burp cloths/wipes/all-purpose rags. They come in great hues and prints and I love that they’re locally made
  • Our various amber jars. I’ve replaced almost every consumable in my home with our refillable glass amber jars. I love the harmonious look and the reduction in visual clutter, having beautiful jars really helps motivate me to continue to refill!   


Are you seeing interesting green initiatives beginning to happen in the City of Edmonton?

I know the City of Edmonton is looking to do its own ban on single-use plastics soon, which is exciting. The compost bin roll out was very exciting too, so much garbage is food waste!


Where are your favourite places to spend time on Whyte Avenue?

I love the new little coffee shops that are popping up like Take Care Cafe and how they maximize their spaces by partnering with other businesses like Darling Wine Bar.


You mentioned using SouthBark for your dogs to have time off-leash, would you like SouthBark to continue?

Absolutely! It’s so important for apartment tenants to have a place to bring their dogs or to relax and watch dogs play. Plus it means a green space which is so nice to have access to.

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