Creative Ways to Decorate Your Southpark Suite This Holiday Season

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It’s no secret that Edmonton winters are long and dark. Decorating your home with lights and festive decor can help brighten the season and make your home an inviting place to be. Here are some simple, creative, and festive ways to decorate your cozy space for the holidays and make your home feel cozy and bright!

Try Decorating Your Front Door

First impressions are powerful; decorating your door can make a statement or provide a cheery welcome whenever you come home. A classic wreath and hanger are festive options that are easy to put up and take down. One creative idea that is especially fun for kids is to wrap your door like a present using wrapping paper and a big bow. You could also decorate your door as a snowman, a candy cane, or Santa. Pinterest has plenty of ideas for how to decorate your door for the holidays. 

Set Up a Hot Drink Station

Is there anything better than coming in from the cold to your favourite hot beverage? Try creating a beverage station by using a mobile bar cart or a decorative tray that can be moved from your kitchen counter to your dining table to your coffee table, depending on where you sit. You can also put an adult spin on this idea by spicing up your drink station with fun and festive ingredients for classic holiday cocktails and flavors!

Choose the Right-Sized Tree 

If you want a Christmas tree in your apartment, you’ll want it to be a focal point without taking up the entire room. We suggest choosing a small tree or table topper to provide festive greenery and lights. If you have house plants, you can adorn them with string lights to brighten your room on dark winter nights without taking up any additional space. Keeping your lights and plants off the floor is also a great idea if you have pets in your apartment. 

Apartment Decor Ideas

There are endless opportunities to decorate your living room with Christmas decor for every budget. From table toppers to cozy festive cushions and fuzzy throws to holiday-themed wall art, you can brighten up your apartment without taking up lots of space. One key tip to remember with cozy spaces is to select tall and long decorations rather than wide ones. This helps make your suite look more spacious

Decorate Your Balcony

Another way to make your suite feel festive is to decorate your balcony. White lights on the railing or an outdoor tree free up space inside while creating a cheerful view outside your windows. Plus, you’ll be passing on the holiday spirit as passersby see your string lights from the sidewalk. 

Make Your Southpark Suite Cozy & Bright

Decorating your Southpark suite for the holidays will help put you in the holiday spirit for the season. Anyone can add a bit of cheer, no matter their taste or budget. Book your private tour and come see how magical living at Southpark on Whyte can be during the winter months.

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