Clever Ways to Organize a New Apartment for a New Family

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There are significant benefits to living in a small space. For starters, there are fewer surfaces and rooms to clean, which is a massive bonus for busy families. Smaller apartments also make it easier to spend quality family time together. Even while you’re preparing dinner, you can still be part of the activities in the living room without missing a beat. With little ones, you don’t want to miss a moment!

Small-space living requires organization strategies. Here are some storage ideas to help you enjoy your apartment without worrying about where to keep everything your family needs. 


Declutter Your Space

It’s very easy for clutter to pile up. From papers to toys to sports equipment and books, everyone has some amount of clutter in their lives. With smaller apartments, this clutter becomes noticeable sooner. Setting a routine to declutter your space at the end or start of each week will help you stay on top of everything. 

Try setting aside an hour on a Sunday afternoon to sort, recycle, and put away your things. You can also designate a place in your closet for items that need to be donated or repaired and mark a time on your calendar once a month to take care of those items.

Storage Bins Make a Difference

The best way to avoid clutter from piling up is to give everything a specific place to belong. Storage containers can make all the difference. For those items you need on a regular basis, try using decorative storage containers. These will enhance the decor of your space and will serve a useful function. For those items you use less often, select clear bins so you can easily see what you’ve stored and keep them out of view when not in use. 

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

With small apartments, you can take advantage of vertical space to increase your storage space. Adding open shelving and wall hooks to your walls can provide new, convenient places to hang and store items out of the way. You can choose from simplistic hardware to decorative hooks and shelving, whatever suits your taste and budget. 

Sustainable, Long-Lasting Organization Systems

Having young kids at home can make small space organization a bit of a struggle. Our VIP Advantage Partner, Room to Breathe, can help you make room for what matters. Start with a consultation, then choose the level of service you desire to help you make your space work for your family and establish sustainable organization systems. 

Bright, Modern Rentals in Old Strathcona for New Families

Southpark on Whyte makes home organization for families easier with a range of amenities, including underground storage units, dedicated bike storage space, and a furnished guest suite, so you can maximize your apartment space for what matters most to your family.

Book a private tour and see why Edmonton families choose Southpark on Whyte. 

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